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Feature Items

  • Specialized Tactic
    $64.99 - $65.00

    Specialized's Tactic Helmet is a true MTB original with moto-inspired looks and a little extra coverage. You get a perfect fit thanks to Specialized's Pro-Fit 2… [more]

  • Specialized Women's Riata Mountain Shoes
    $89.99 - $99.99

    Specialized's Riatas are stylish mountain bikes shoe just for women. They boast a women's-specific fit you've got to feel to believe. Specialized's ergonomic Body… [more]

  • Specialized Ariel Saddle - Women's

    Specialized's Ariel is a women's-specific mountain bike saddle that delivers awesome comfort. It features Specialized's Body Geometry technology, which offers cushioned… [more]

  • Specialized Women's Sonoma Shoes
    $74.99 - $84.99

    You'll love the stylish fit and slipper-like feel of the Women's Sonoma Shoes. They're the perfect do-it-all cycling shoes, crafted from smooth leather in a… [more]

  • Electra Cruiser 7D (24-Inch) Ladies - 2016

    Electra's Cruiser 7D Ladies is a stylish, great-riding cruiser. It features a classic step-through frame, plush seat, wide bars, easy-rolling 24-inch aluminum wheels and… [more]

  • Specialized Trivent Triathlon Shoes
    $169.99 - $170.00

    Developed for triathlete extraordinaire Peter Reid, Specialized's Trivents are awesome triathlon shoes. They feature ultra-stiff, lightweight carbon soles with… [more]

  • Specialized Women's BG Pro RBX Knickers

    Watch the miles add up with Specialized's Women's BG Pro RBX Knickers. They're made of FieldSensor fabric with panel construction and for excellent wicking and… [more]

  • Specialized Storm S-Works 2Bliss Tire

    There are days when Mother Nature doesn't want you to ride, so she throws out wind, rain, sleet, or whatever kind of storm fits the season. Specialized's Storm S-Works… [more]

  • Specialized Avatar Gel Saddle

    With its ergonomic design and gel padding, Specialized's Avatar Gel is the perfect upgrade for more comfort on every ride. Specialized's Body Geometry technology takes… [more]

  • Electra Girl's Hawaii 1 (16-inch) - 2015/2016
    $239.99 - $269.99

    Electra's Girl's Hawaii 1 is a fun and stylish starter bike they'll love. It sports a fine Electra frame, reliable and easy-rolling wheels, an easy-to-operate… [more]

  • Specialized Stumpy Trainers
    $89.99 - $90.00

    Perfect for the victory walk from bike to podium, Specialized's Stumpy Trainers are a full-leather, retro-sport shoe. They boast supple full suede and leather uppers… [more]

  • Specialized Rib Cage Pro
    $15.99 - $16.00

    Specialized blends style and function in the Rib Cage Pro. This sleek cage is lightweight and super strong. It'll hold onto your bottles no matter how fast you're moving… [more]

  • Giant TCR Espoir 24 - 2015

    When your aspiring young cyclist hops on Giant's Espoir 24, they'll love how quick and easy-to-ride it is. Its lightweight aluminum frame has a low stand-over height and… [more]

  • Liv Bella - Girl's - 2015

    Your little girl will be the star of the neighborhood on her Liv Bella. It boasts a lightweight aluminum frame with a low, sloping top tube that makes riding safe, easy,… [more]

  • Giant Escape Jr 24 - 2016

    Your kid will love feeling the breeze on Giant's Escape Jr 24. It features a lightweight aluminum frame in an upright, hybrid-style design that delivers a comfortable… [more]

  • Specialized Women's Lithia Gel Saddle
    $74.99 - $75.00

    Specialized's Lithia Gel is a women's-specific saddle designed for comfort. It combines the lasting pressure relief of soft-density foam and gel with Specialized's… [more]

  • Giant Defy 2 - 2009
    $849.99 - $999.99
    $999.99 - $1,024.99

    Giant's Defy 2 is ready to rack up the miles thanks to its super-light ALUXX SL aluminum frame and carbon fork that gives you an awesome feel over any distance. The… [more]

  • Specialized Hemisphere Armadillo Tire

    Specialized's Hemisphere Armadillo is a great-riding, durable tire perfect for all surfaces. The versatile tread rolls fast and easy, and corners great. Plus, this tire… [more]

  • Giant XTC SL Jr. 24 - 2016

    Foster the love of riding and trails with Giant's XTC SL Jr. 24. From following you to leaving their buddies in the dust, this mini XC hardtail will have your young… [more]

  • Liv Bella - Girl's - 2016

    Your little girl will be the star of the neighborhood on her Liv Bella. It boasts a lightweight aluminum frame with a low, sloping top tube that makes riding safe, easy,… [more]

  • Electra Girl's Betty 1 (20-inch) - 2015

    Your child will own the neighborhood on an Electra kid's cruiser. They feature Electra's Flat Foot Technology that allows placing both feet on the ground with the saddle… [more]


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